Discover Russian Breathtaking Scenery via Train

| January 13, 2016

Russia has an amazing railway network that offers you with plenty of opportunities to enjoying some of the Top Attractions in Russia and its environs. The train is ideal for exploring the diversity of the largest country in the world as it offers the tourist with plenty of sightseeing experiences.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Russia is a nation with plenty of attractions to offer starting with the desserts to the frozen tundra. These amazing landscape do guarantee that your rail tours will be as exciting as you’ve imaged them to be. Besides the landscape, the great cities that Russia boast of also offer exquisite sceneries that are worth admiring. A good example is the ever stunning St. Petersburg which is rich in history and culture making it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another top city worth exploring is Moscow as it blessed with iconic attractions including but not limited to the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Red Square which without a doubt will justify your rail tour.
Perhaps one of the most popular journeys everyone want to do is the Trans-Siberian. It is said to be longest and covers about 9,258 km starting from Moscow to Vladivostok. The experience that you can expect from this one of a kind tour is unrivalled. For the best experience, you may want to consider going on the tour between the months of May and September as you’ll get an opportunity of experiencing the longest hours of daylight and the weather is always fine during this period. However, if you are more of a budget spender, you may want to consider taking a tour during winter as it is cheaper.

St. Basil's Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral

If you choose to Travel Russia by train, the Trans-Siberian route is the one you need to take. The tour is normally broken down into sections and one of the favored places to take your break while on the journey is at Kazan. The site offers you an amazing opportunity of exploring the only surviving Tatar fortress in Russia. At Yekaterinburg, which is also another section break, will provide you with an opportunity of seeing the soulless church that were built in an area where the Russian Royal family were murdered.
While en route the Trans-Siberian, expect to find the Ural Mountains which are modestly high and the Sayan Mountains located in an area of heavy logging as part of the many attractions. Perhaps the peak of your trip will be traversing the 180km section which takes you along one of the oldest lakes in the world. This lake has received recognition from all around the world for being one of the largest at 640km long. You’ll get to witness the clear waters filled with hundreds of animals and sea creatures found nowhere else in the world for an epic experience.
Your train tour should take you to some of the Best places in Russia where you’ll get to enjoy the amazing sceneries and take time to learn a few thing about this amazing and diverse country. It’s all here for your exploration.

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