Cheap Ways to Get to Saint Petersburg

| January 20, 2016

As the second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg has a lot to offer visitors from all around the world. A tour to Saint Petersburg is not only filled with learning lessons but it is also exciting and adrenaline pumping. However, travelling to Russia on a budget can be challenging especially via a budget airline because of the punishing Russian visa regime. For a long time, these restrictions have always put off a good number of visitors who want to explore what Russia has to offer.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Important Note

Before making your way to St. Petersburg, there are a few things that you need to put into consideration, you need to first of all apply for Russian visa regardless of where you come from. The Russian government has given some exceptions for some countries but you need to do your research to see if your country is included.
With that said, there are also other means of getting to St. Petersburg on a budget and we’ll try to explore them in this piece.

By Car

If you are the adventurous type, then this otherwise long and uncomfortable trip should make perfect sense. The trip can even at times end up being dangerous because of the Russian roads and police who are known throughout the world for being legendary bad. However, if you are up for the challenge and are willing to take up the roads, this can b

Travel by air

If you are budget restricted, this should be your last option because the despite the fact that travelling by is faster and comfortable, it is also relatively expensive. Therefore, if you are after a Cheap air ticket to Saint Petersburg, your timing should be right. Consider avoiding the high seasons as airlines tend to charge more and plan for a visit during the low seasons. St. Petersburg airport should make for your arrival and departure point as the airport is well connected to a good number of the main airports world widely.

Travelling via train

The train bridges the gap between cars and air. If you are not comfortable with either of them, you can take advantage of the ever effective Russian railway system. The trip most certainly will be more comfortable and faster when compared to taking a bus or going on your own road trip. Russian’s railway system is one of the best world widely and it is only fair if you can make the most of the opportunity presented.

Travelling by ship

If you are after a totally unique travel experience, then you need to consider travelling to St. Petersburg aboard a cruise ship. You get to eat, sleep and relax while enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the sea which is always one of a kind.
With a complete travel guide to Saint Petersburg, you can have ample time to enjoy all the amazing attractions that the city has to offer.

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