Best things to do in Berlin

| February 24, 2013

Berlin, capital of Germany, is well known of its diverse culture, unique nightlife, and simplicity of living and home of great music. Being a traveller, Berlin should be one of your top lists of dream destination because of its affordable London to Berlin flights and unique Berlin luxury hotels. There are a lot stuffs you can indulge in yet these are some of the best.



Say cheese! It is a must and almost obligatory for every tourist to pose four crazy shots in the Photoautomaten in Berlin which is found in almost everywhere. These photo booths are open 24 hours across the city. It is fast which prints the shots taken in just a few minutes and is black and white. It is definitely great as a souvenir while spending time in Berlin as well as a memoir of your craziness if done it with friends. Just drop the curtain, say “Ahh!” and here you got –four sets of happy snaps.

Get fit. Balance is the key! Biking is one of the major means to travel around Berlin since the city is well equipped with outlets that allows rental of bikes. The city is designed to be a cycle friendly city because of its proper cycle lanes and cyclist signs at the traffic lights. Locals are encouraged since the city has provided proper lanes that offer more convenience and safety if you chose bicycle over automobiles. As you bike across the city, take hold of the breath-taking sights the city has to offer.

Move your body. If you are into dancing, then the Panorama bar or the Salon ZurWilden Renate is the perfect place for you to shake your booty 48 hours. Berlin is known of its partying capability, which means that the bars here are known to be the core of European techno, and DJ’s here are known for superb quality house music. Get into the party vibe, grove to the dance floor and have an adventure playground with music.

Meet Mozart and friends. It is found here in Berlin one of the world’s foremost symphony orchestra –the Berlin Philharmoniker. The conductor is Britain’s Sir Simon Rattle who is known for its outstanding ability in the field of symphony orchestra with an imaginative license that decides on modern and classical pieces. Just visit the famous yellow concert hall of the orchestra, which was designed by Hans Scharoun. Experience where beauty comes across stunning acoustics.

Eat fast! With the wide array of food choices in Berlin, you should munch hastily in order to accommodate plentiful of dishes the rich culinary institution Berlin has to offer from luscious delicacies to fine dining. Here, try the street food scoffed by all walks of life. You can also get a grab of their veggie staples. Get confused but get a gastronomic high.

So now, if you are heading to London, add and book cheap London to Berlin flights now and find a Berlin luxury hotel that will make your experience a memorable one.

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