5 Famous World Places for Incredible Street Art

| June 28, 2016

We are used to going on vacation to learn about others’ history, culture, and touristic attractions and have some fun while visiting monuments, museums or places of worship. However, artistic tourism is getting its fair share of popularity nowadays. But are not talking about art museums and galleries. We aretalking about true street art, stencils, building-high paintings and collages, drawings and graffiti spraying.

Many such works have a political, social or even religious message, and street art is banned (or at least frowned upon) in many countries. However, some of them are embracing the real voice and talent of their people and turned street art into cultural and touristic attractions. So let’s get our rucksacks on, as we will travel around the world to learn where the most amazing or mind-blowing street art pieces are!

Street Art

Street Art

1. New York, United States

New York and Los Angeles are in a continuous dispute on which of them has the best and most powerful display of street art – as legendary Banksy left his mark on both, but we have to agree that Brooklyn and Manhattan take the cake. They are true places of pilgrimage to those looking for the superb strangeness of street art. Manhattan is, of course, the most eclectic and bizarre center of this peculiar art form. From extraterrestrials to multi-technique murals and paintings, Brooklyn and Manhattan amaze, appall, and attract with their outdoor art galleries on walls. A street art tour in Manhattan is a life changing experience.

2. Melbourne, Australia

You should really get your heavy duty backpacks stuffed with provisions and some plane tickets ready, as we go to Australia – but not to check out if every living creature down there is poisonous! We can take a trip to Melbourne, a city that not only tolerates street art, but actively encourages it. In Melbourne, we have to go to Hosier Lane – the epicenter of the Melbourne street art movement. It is here where you can admire in awe building-tall murals, glam wallpapers, portraits, abstract art, and surreal paintings – all in the middle of the city’s business district! Melbourne is a Mecca for street artists, and many sketched their creations and images there so everybody can enjoy!

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Take a deep breath and refresh your supplies, as we have to cross the world to arrive in Sao Paulo, a city famous for its social and political inspired street art. If you know a bit about Brazilian art and culture, you know they love powerful messages as much as they love strong colors. Sao Paulo is an internationally recognized outdoor art gallery – no matter the part of town where you begin your exploration, you won’t regret it.

Each of your steps will be accompanied by naïve or mind-shattering complex art. The urban street art landscape changes weekly: it displays newer and newer murals and stencils in an explosion of color and meaning. You can enjoy a visit in one of the hottest street art enters – the Vila Madelenaneighborhood and start your journey from there. Sao Paulo is an amazing city, but its street art speaks volumes to the ones who want to hear it.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known for its architecture, culture, refinement, music, history, and heritage. Considered one of the most beautiful old cities of Europe, Prague might surprise you for also being one of Europe’s hottest street art open air galleries. If you have never been to Europe, pack some stuff and let’s go, as Prague will truly be a lifetime experience.

Don’t let the classic, royal and austere feeling of Prague fool you: it displays some of the most amazing street art in the world. It is eclectic, humorous, sarcastic, colored, alive, vibrant, and surprising. If Budapest has some of the weirdest statues in the world, Prague has some of the most peculiar street art pieces. You want to see craft, skill, technique, imagination, and guts? The street art in Prague is everything and then some!

5. Paris, France

We saved the best for last, as Paris is the city of all possibilities, especially when it comes to art. Take the unbeaten path and after you visit the most important cultural landmarks in Paris, go straight for the street art. Paris is a place where all possible arts are mixed and displayed and in some areas, murals and wall paintings spread on tens of square meters.

If you heard about Blek le Rat (a pioneer of the stencil movement) or about JR (a French street artists whose works have been showcased in the Tate Museum in London), then you know Paris gave the world not only some of the most amazing classic painters in the history of mankind, but also genius street artists. Under their funny nicknames, you will find famous anonymous painters who already made history. Your journey through the Parisian street art should start in the Belleville andMénilmontant neighborhoods and the Le Marais district.

Have you ever considered backpacking across the world in the search for street art?

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