Which Is The Best Time To Travel Moscow?

| December 22, 2015

Whether you choose to visit Moscow in summer or during the winter season, one thing is certain and tha is that you’ll never fall short of appealing things to see and do. Russia as a whole is popular for her amazing winter destination made possible by the snow covering landscape and laden monuments to name just but a few. During summer, the difference is white and black as it is completely different as the temperatures begin to warm up and the flowers begin to blossom. This piece will provide you with a complete Moscow travel guide to help you explore the city conveniently.

When to visit

This will most definitely depend on your choice and preferences as with each season, the city has something to offer. You can never run short of things to do or sites to see regardless of which season you visit Moscow.


Mocow in Summer

Mocow in Summer

Normally occurs during the months of May all the way through to October and sees people flocking the city to explore what the summer brings. Temperatures normally average somewhere around 23°C being high and low temperatures normally average between 8°C and 13°C. Most travelers fancy visiting Moscow during the summer where you should expect sunsets that last up to sunrise. During summer, the mild temperatures are ideal for exploring the city both during daylight and during the night. You can take part in all night activities that will most definitely make you lose the track of time.
This is the time where the Russians tend to shed layers and go sunbathing on the park benches to enjoy the sun. Besides just enjoying the sun, the city also plays host to a number of festivals and open air concerts which will keep you entertained throughout your trip to Moscow.


Moscow in Autumn

Moscow in Autumn

This season normally occurs a few weeks in late September and early October and is normally characterized by poplars and oaks shedding their leaves. The afternoon sun is normally warm to get you warmed up to get you prepared for the cool nights.


Moscow in Winter

Moscow in Winter

If you are into winter sports and adventure, then traveling to Moscow during winter is your best bet to taking part in some of these recreations. Winter in Moscow is a wonderland that will fulfil each of your fantasies. Visiting Moscow in the month of December will get you exploring what Russia has to offer. You’ll get to witness as the sun shines softly on the horizon.  If you are a skater, then you’ll most definitely enjoy your holiday. The only disappointment about visiting the city during winter is that there are a number of attractions in the city which are normally closed.
Regardless of which season you chose to travel to Russia, you’ll never worry about what to see in Moscow because the city has appealing things to marvel at all year round. Just make early plans and have a clear idea of what you really want to explore and go for it.

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