Traveling to Bahamas in Summer 2014

| April 16, 2014

The weather in Bahamas makes it perfect for touring all year round. This could explain why the country is frequented by international tourists who come to do many other things among them being to enjoy the weather. There are a number of Bahamas celebrations which are held throughout the year that provide wonderful opportunities for tourists to sight see. One of the most celebrated Bahamas celebration is the annual Bahamas International Film Festival that takes place every December.  Before backpacking in the summer make sure you have collected enough Bahamas information to guide you through the trip.

Bahamas Beach

Bahamas Beach

The fact that Bahamas has around 700 Islands, it makes for a perfect tourist destination. What is even fascinating about the nation is that out of the 700 islands, only 30 of them are inhabited. Its location is what intrigues people. Located 50 miles off of Florida coast and in the Atlantic Ocean, the Island nation is a must see.

Two of the most stand out Islands in the nation include; the New Providence Island and the Grand Bahamas Island. New Providence Island is best known for its exciting and attractive sites, fine dining, boutique shopping, authentic markets and beautiful beaches. Second to New Providence is Grand Bahamas Island which is best known for compelling white beaches, world class scuba diving facilities and a number of land and sea sports.

Best places to visit in Bahamas  

When gathering Bahamas information in relation to some of the best destinations to visit these two location should surely pop up among the top destinations in the list.

a)      Nassau



As the capital city of the Island nation, Nassau ranks amongst the top destination in Bahamas. Besides just being the capital city, it is also the largest city and a commercial center of the country. Its proximity to the US adds to the appeal as a tourist hub as the capital is only 50 miles from the US.

Anyone visiting the city cannot miss the Atlantis Resort which is one of the most popular resorts in the region. The city also features an attractive harbour and one of the busiest ports in the region. The city features a mixture of old world and colonial architecture, natural beauty and a wonderful tropical monsoon climate. The weather in Bahamas is fantastic all year round but the summer provides the best time to visit the Island nation.

b)      Grand Bahamas Island

Grand Bahamas Island

Grand Bahamas Island

Grand Bahamas is one of the top destinations in Bahamas and is located off the Florida coast. The Island hosts thousands of travellers from the US and other international countries. Grand Bahamas offers visitors an amazing opportunity where they get to enjoy tropical playgrounds, gourmet dining, shopping centers and some of the best land and water sports.

The Island boasts of having a number of beaches with endless white sands. The turquoise waters create one of the most amazing backdrops that are most suitable for a tropical vacation. While in the island you can never run short of engaging activities to do.


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