Top five activities to consider in St. Petersburg

| February 27, 2013

St. Petersburg in Russia is a metropolis of memorable majesty, a grand capital that seems to have been constructed as a shrine to its own passing. After Peter the Great was gone, the people began to build this grand city on the Gulf of Finland. However, it is unlikely to enjoy the place with its crystalline squares and palaces if you will not acknowledge its diverse history, cultures, and traditions. Nevertheless, there is more to St. Petersburg attractions – exciting places and tourist destinations. There are also cheap flights to St. Petersburg that you can find on the internet. Consider the following attractions:

  1. Marvel at the Peterhof Fountains
Marvel at the Peterhof Fountains

Marvel at the Peterhof Fountains

The Peterhof Fountains operate through gravity than the electric pumps – something that makes this place more special and truly one of a kind! The most renowned among all of its fountains is the Grand Cascade – made up of 60+ separate fountains and striking bronze carvings, including one of Samson’s wresting a lion statue. Tourists of all ages can take pleasure on playing games with the trick fountains as well as soaking their feet on it.

  1. Roaming around the Aquapark “Piterland”
Aquapark  Piterland

Aquapark Piterland

If you are looking for the best activity to do in St. Petersburg with you and your family, you can visit the biggest and the most extensive aquamarine park in Russia known as the aquapark ‘Piterland’. Recently opened to the public in 2012, it is starting to acquire a name among all nature trippers across the world. It can now accommodate up to 2000 visitors at a time. It is an attraction that can be visited at different times and seasons of the year and is protected from the elements by a huge ground, which the proprietors are planning to list with the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest of its kind in the world. Children can enjoy here as it has a number of diving/wave/swimming pools. Adults can also have the benefit of going in sauna and steam rooms and plenty of cheap cafes, lively bars, and fine restaurants.

  1. Night cruises of St Petersburg
St Petersburg

St Petersburg

Cruising around St. Petersburg at night is the most amazing way of looking at the marvels and wonders of the place. With its intricate system of rivers and canals, it is sometimes called as the ‘Venice of the North’. At some point during summer season, a network of 22 drawbridges open and close at exact times to let ships entrance to the Baltic Sea. Aside from looking at the bridges, your lively night cruise can include sipping local wines and famous drinks, fine dining, enjoying local music, and knowing the city’s history.

  1. Climbing the Colonnade of St Isaac’s Cathedral
St Isaac’s Cathedral

St Isaac’s Cathedral

If you wanted to see the exciting vista of the St. Petersburg’s attractions , you can enjoy taking close to 300 steps climbing the Colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. St. Isaac’s Cathedral was initially the city’s foremost church and the biggest house of worship in Russia. The cathedral’s facades are ornamented with carvings and enormous brickwork columns, while the inner part is festooned with amazingly meticulous mosaic icons, canvasses and columns made of malachite and lapis lazuli.

  1. Taking knowledge at the Kunstkamera
Kunstkamera Front View

Kunstkamera Front View

It is one of the premium ethnographic museums in the globe, and was the earliest civic museum to open in St Petersburg. It was one of the much-loved projects of Peter the Great, who successfully used the Kunstkamera as a piece of his scheme to renovate Russia.

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