Top 5 reasons to visit Rome

| February 23, 2013

Almost everyone loves to travel and most especially one of the common dream destinations is the largest city of Italy. Find out why Rome has been one of the most famous tourist attractions over the years. Pack up your bags, charge your cameras, ready your taste buds, book your cheap flight to Rome, reserve hotel in Romeand let’s go to the Eternal City.

Rome Italy

Rome Italy

Creativity .You might need to bring extra memory card for your camera since there is countless of amazing views you can see in Rome. Not to miss the classical architectures like the St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Colosseum, Pantheon, Arch of Titus and much more. Those essential infrastructures are masterpieces of the famous architects such as Giacomodella Porta, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Francesco Borromini and Alessandro Specchi. They are so artistic the best preserved knack. So don’t forget to take a picture tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain and posing as gladiator inside the Colosseum.
Foodstuff. Have you ever tried gelato? How about a slice of cheesy stuffed crust pizza? Or have you gulped a white wine? Definitely, all of its origin is from Rome and these are just some of the major attractions. Visit San Crispino where you can find the best ice cream.Why not head to Testaccio institution of Remo to grab a slice of the famous authentic Pizza Romana.  To taste a great variety of wines, go to Al Vino Al vino or II Goccetto and have a glass of white wine. Did I forget to mention the chocolates? It is Rome’s sinful indulgences and you can find the best when you stop at Cioccolata e Vino. You can also try their sweet candies freshly packed at Moriondo & Gariglio or their coffees at Sant’ Eustachio. And lastly, indulge yourself with their luscious cuisines at various restaurants in Rome.
Affordability. Ironically, how elegant and classical Rome is, it is how affordable the costs of food, accommodation and travel expenses are. Fortunately, you will enjoy the cheap flight to Rome and it’s accessibility due to numerous flight schedules. You will also delight yourself in deluxe and low-cost hotel in Rome that is available all year round.However, it is advisable to reserve earlier for convenience.
Shopping. Looking for vintage dresses or antique souvenirs? Then the Arsenale, Le Gallinelle and Le Tartarugheare the place for your Bohemian chic, vintage threads and classic clothes pleasure. There are several boutiques you can find around Rome either if you’re looking for high-end clothes or easy-to-wear clothes. For the souvenirs, you can find it at via Del Babuino, via Giulia, via de’ Coronariand Porta Portese. Inexpensive souvenirs are available here in Rome.
Culture. Rome is called the Eternal City probably because it is the home of the remarkable culture and history. Visit Museo Napoleonico where you can a take a glimpse of the pieces and artefacts of the ancestral Napoleon’s wealthy family. Also, join the people as they take a hint of the pope in the Vatican. Lavish yourself in Rome with its cultural heritage and famous landmarks.

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