Top 5 places to see in Netherlands before you die

| February 26, 2013

Netherlands is truly a rich country with a profound culture. It is even more unique because each city and every place in the city has its own history. With its unlimited picturesque scenery and landscapes one should not fail to visit these places in Netherlands.


Windmills in Kinderdijk

Windmills in Kinderdijk

After booking flights to the Netherlands, one of the best places to stopover is Kinderdijk. It is known of its famous windmills. Your Netherlands spree is lacking without a glimpse of the spectacular 19 windmills that existed during the 1700s and it is found along the wonderful Lek and Noord rivers. This amazing scenery is a UNESCO heritage site since 1997. If it is quite an astonishing view in pictures, it is more appealing in personal view as you walk along or ride in a boat traversing the Lek and Noord rivers.

Keukenhof in Lisse

Keukenhof in Lisse

Keukenhof in Lisse

Have you seen in the photos the beautiful spring garden showcasing the different variety of flowers bloom? If you are planning to go in Netherlands make sure it is during spring time since this is the best season to witness the marvellous myriad of flowers blooming at Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands. It is one the best tourist attractions of all times especially during middle of March to May. Its’ awesome presentation of colour and wonderful floral scent made it the most beautiful garden in the world and can only be seen here in Lisse. This is also called as the Garden of Europe and is the world’s largest flower garden with almost 7 milllion of flowers blooming yearly. Do not miss to take a picture in the middle of the garden where you will find the Castle Keukenhof.




Be sure to stay at Amsterdam, a prominent tourist destination that is known of its world class art museums, trendy restaurants, colourful nightlife, picturesque canals and the famous “Red Light District”. Top list to go is the historical Anne Frank House, the largest collection of art of the famous painter in Van Gogh Museum, the Red Light District to walk around, the home of the magnificent flower garden, and the soaring bell tower. Amsterdam is a great place to experience beauty of history and enjoy nightlife and rich cuisine.



Eindhoven is another spot you must visit in Netherlands. It is the home of the reputable electrical powerhouse Philips. It may not be as famous as Amsterdam yet you will love the great artworks of Picasso in Van Abbe Museum and it is widelycommended as one of the prominentmodern art museums in the world. Numerous museums abound in Eindhoven where you can connect the past life in the future.

The Hague

Binnenhof,  The Hague

Binnenhof, The Hague

Lastly, this is place you should not miss in your lifetime, the famous tree-lined boulevard and home of the royal families “The Hague”. You just do not have to miss the nightlife, there are alsoample ofmuseums that does not only display art yet it also presents nature, culture, communication, cars and even panorama. One of the well-known panoramic paintings is the Mesdag. Not only museums, The Hague also has a wide range of well-designed palaces of royalties and castles which takes over the city with its exquisite architectural design with the likes of the Knight Halls, the Royal Stables and the Prison Gate. Young or old will enjoy the miniature city of Dutch landmarks that can be found if you visit Madurodam. The Hague depicts a placethat has a fledgling culture yet it is the kind of city where you want to rise early and sleep late in Netherlands hotels just to try what has it in store for all.

To savour more the wonderful experience each place has to offer, make sure you have booked flights to the Netherlands and even reserved in Netherlands hotels. Have a safe and blissful trip of a lifetime.

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