Taking a Trip to Italy with Family in 2014

| April 30, 2014

There are a few Italy facts which one needs to bear in mind whenever planning for a trip this beautiful country. Facts related to best holiday spots and the best season for taking the trip. Family can also make the most out of their trips. Family vacations holidays provide the family members with a wonderful opportunity where they get to bond and strengthen their family ties. Since such trips are a bit tricky to make them happen, we are best advised to take time in order to plan a trip that meets the expectations of every family member. This piece has compiled some of the best family vacation ideas that can be helpful to anyone wishing to plan for a family holiday trip this fall.

Trip to Italy 1

Italy makes for a perfect family holiday destination as the country is endowed with mountains, amazing coastlines, fine cuisine, and its rich history which can offer a wonderful learning experience to both the parents and the kids. Regardless of the part you choose to visit, the country will not disappoint you as you’ll be met by family friendly resorts and golden sandy beaches that’ll guarantee you a lifetime experience. Rome for example has come to embrace the idea of family vacations and has over the years tried to support a wide selection of family oriented activities and resorts. One perfect example of such amusing location is the zoo at Bioparco, Villa Borghese.

Family travel tips

When touring Italy with your family, you need to put the following into consideration:

a)      Find family friendly accommodation

Accomaditon in Italy

If you want to enjoy your trip and meet all the Saturday to Saturday boarding requirements, make that when you plan a trip to Italy, you go for resorts as opposed to hotels.  Find a suitable accommodation that will suit your family and if you can book in advance the better for you.

b)      Come up with a family friendly Italy itinerary

Rome at Night

Rome at Night


For those families intending to take a 10 day or 14 day family trip to Italy, most of the popular itinerary for people with kids can involve starting with a four night in Rome, a week in Tuscany and end the trip in Venice. This is however will depend on what you deem suitable for your kids, you can even decide to reverse the itinerary.

c)       Identify the hot spots for families   

Family Spot in Italy

Family Spot in Italy

As part of attempting to find the best family vacation ideas while in Italy, you need to locate al the best spots for a family. Some of the common spots worth a family visit include; Sorrento, the Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Sardinia and Lake Como. If you are unable to cover all the above mentioned travel destinations, you can include them in your second holiday trip to Italy.

d)      Get a car if you are going to stay in the countryside 

Countryside Italy

Countryside Italy

One many Italy facts are that the country blessed with wonderful train transport system to facilitate trips in and around the big cities. However, if you’ll be located in the interior parts, it’s best if you can get a car to facilitate your transportation.



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