Albania’s best cities for your holiday destination

| January 24, 2014

 Albania cities have not been left behind in terms of glamour and ideal locations for tourists and travellers. Over the years, Albania has grown has grown is stature as a tourist attraction destination and in 2011 it was ranked amongst the top European holiday destination. Albania tourism has been a huge contributor to the resurgence of the nation into a global arena.

The unpopularity of the nation makes it a perfect holiday for the few who are familiar with Albania. Not only is it less crowded during the peak seasons, its unpopular nature also ensures that everything is available at a reduced price. Even on your travel to Albania, do not be surprised if pay less for your air ticket.

The cities listed below will form a perfect holiday destination for you whether on an official business trip or a family vacation trip.

The city of Berat

The city of Berat

The city of Berat

The most fascinating thing about this city is that it is situated at River Osum. In reality, the river actually splits the city into two. Berat is commonly known as ”the city of one-thousand windows ” by its locals. History has it that the city was initially built as a castle and could explain why it was erected on a hill. The castle hosts numerous churches and mosques all of which are contained in a district within the city. It was not until 1961 before Berat was declared the ”City of museums”.

Things to see

There are many things that can be enjoyed here;

  • Visit the Museum of Iconography and get to see the amazing paintings of the Albanian Icon
  • Explore the ancient pieces found in the museum of Ethnography
  • Pay a visit to the Castle of Berat and enjoy the wonderful viewing overlooking the town.
  • Discover the ruins of the White Mosque

Berat is rich in history and should without a doubt be included in your to do list once on your travel to Albania trip.

Tirana city

Tirana city

Tirana city


Tirana is the current capital of Albania. Its capital status dates back in 1920 when it was first declared. It is during the 18th century that the capital begun to develop. Ever since, the city has grown to not only be recognized as Albania’s capital but it has also acclaimed the status of the biggest economic and political center in Albania. Coupled by nearness of the Adriatic Sea and Dajti mountains, it is worth noting that the city has basically everything.

Tirana’s attractions       

There are many things to see in Tirana including;

  • The Martyrs Cemetery with the ‘Mother Albania’ monument
  • Explore the mosque of Ethem Bey
  • Make sure you make your way to the bridge Tabakeve
  • Discover the fortress of Preza

City of Vlora  

City of Vlora

City of Vlora


The coastal city boast of many things among them is being a major port and a historical site. As a historical site, Vlora boasts of hosting the 1912 Assembly that saw Albania being declared an independent state. These developments ensured that Vlora is declared the first capital city of Albania on Independence Day.

What to see

  • The museum of Independence
  • Kanina Castle
  • Pojan Monestary
  • Ethnographic museum
  • Muradie mosque

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